BHT Links

Links are listed alphabetically, by title. The Buddhist Hospice Trust is not responsible for  the content of the following sites, all of which have an established connection with the Trust.

The Amida Trust

Asbestos (Mesothelioma Center)

Buddhist Greeting Cards

Buddhist Worldwide Information and Education Network

Buddhism the eBook

Buddhist Publishing Group

Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy Organisation

Charity Commission

Charity Search Register (UK)

Four Directions UK

Garuda Trading in Cornwall

Global Ideas Bank

Golden Buddha Centre, Devon UK

Golden Wheel Buddhist Links

Hospices on the Net

International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care

Karuna Hospice At Home

Merseyside Buddhist Network

Multifaith Group for Health Care Chaplaincy

Michael Lewin’s Writings Page

Natural Death Centre (London)

The Network of Buddhist Organisations

Shan You Counselling Centre (Singapore)

St Christopher’s Hospice

Szambala Polska

The San Francisco Zen Hospice

Upaya Zen Center (Joan Halifax Roshi)

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