Ageing: The Great Adventure
A Buddhist Guide

This 32 page pamphlet by Ken Jones (pictured right) shows how to make a work of art of ageing and dying, as the greatest adventure of our lives. It also draws attention to the snares and delusions and has some controversial and down-to-earth things to say about dying. It ends with a celebration of old age. Although written from a Buddhist standpoint, it aims to be accessible and helpful to people of all spiritual beliefs and none.

“This is an excellent essay which certainly deserves a wider readership”
Dennis Sibley, Chair, Buddhist Hospice Trust.

The first print-run of Ken’s book sold out very quickly, and is now unfortunately out of print, but you can click here or the below icon to download a free version (143 KB) of the book to your own computer. 

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Troed Rhiw Sebon
SY23 3NB

Buddhist Reflections on Death, Dying and Bereavement

Compiled and Edited by Michael Lewin

The descriptive note below was written by Sue Shand

This is a collection in book form of short articles from a range of dharma-practitioners, 21 in all, who “share their thoughts and feelings with us on the issues of death and dying”. It is aimed at anyone who is touched by these issues.

This is not an academic or dogmatic text written only for Buddhists. The universal themes and varied perspectives make this accessible to anyone. It is inspirational, meditative, practical, personal, and even humorous. Written from each contributor’s own perspective and personal experience, it is a source of strength and comfort which should reach right to the heart of anyone reading it and be a source of inspiration to anyone touched by death, regardless of their spiritual beliefs.

Some contributors are: Christine Feldman, Ajahn Sucitto, Frank Ostaseski, Ken Jones and Caroline Brazier.

Click here or on the Reflections icon (above right) to see this book in PDF format (2,891 KB)

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