Cruelty Free Cosmetics and the best Lipsticks.

I was looking for someĀ cruelty free cosmetics and gyms in my area and in particular some really nice shades of lipstick or lip gloss to go to my works Christmas celebrations. At first I thought I would have to settle for some dull shades but to my surprise there was lots of satins and gloss lippys along with the matts in lots of sparkling colours to match all skin tones.

Cruelty Free Cosmetics

The range of lipsticks currently available online are quite affordable at entry level prices however don’t be fooled by the price they can be really good quality for the little you are paying and are definitely worth trying.

The formulas for creating these lipsticks are quite interesting too with lots of quality ingredients such as plant extracts and aloe vera. These ensure that your lips will feel hydrated throughout the evening. I was also concerned that the cruelty free products wouldn’t have the long lasting effect and I would need to keep reapplying. However these innovative lipsticks where fantastic and to my surprise lasted all evening even though I had a couple of drinks.

If you prefer a more of a vinyl lippy the there are also an number of brands available with a range of hues and shades. These I found were much nicer that the lip glosses as they didn’t have the stick feeling. The easiest way I found to apply these was by using a lip brush rather that the applicator supplied with the lippy as this gave me more control and also enabled me to get the thickness of the application just the way I like it. But a further tip I would give you for enhancing the shade would be to use a lipstick and then a lip vinyl together as that give you a really vibrant colour.

Can you get Cruelty free cosmetics in Matte Lipsticks.

I have found some brilliant products and excellent central London Gym trainer that are Cruelty Free Cosmetics and they convert your satin or gloss lipstick into a more quiet matte finish that is exactly the same shade as your sating or gloss lippy.

The product naturally is called a Mattifier. The way it works is you put on your lipstick whether it is satin, shiny or glossy finish as you normally would then you apply the mattifier over the top and as you watch it you will see the gloss finish calm down into a flat matt look. The magnifier is used as a cream and has the additional benefit of adding extra moisture to your lips which means you no longer get those dry or cracked lips which give you the lipstick bleed look.