Do vegan candles exist?

We all like to have some nice scented candles in our home especially coming up to Christmas when we like to have those cinnamon fragrances filling each room. You have to admit that snuggling in on a cold winters nice with some flickering candles is a lovely feeling. However what we don’t realise is that most candles are made using animal derivatives and therefore not many suppliers or producers will give you a clear list of the ingredients used in making the candles. So if you are looking for some Vegan Candles then you may find that this is a bit of a challenge.

If you look at the content of the majority of candles on the market you will find that the main ingredient is generally paraffin and to this is added an acid which enables the wax to harden. Now the paraffin is vegan friendly however the acid used is called stearic acid and this is where the problem starts as stearic acid is made from animal fat. Suppliers could use and alternative stearic acid which is derived from the coconut however this tends to be more expensive and so they revert to the cheaper animal fat which they get from slaughterhouses.

Another type of candle that we often see on the market is of course the old fashioned beeswax candle. It is easy to find and it is easy to recognise that it is not vegan friendly either as it is derived from the bee.
vegan candles

What are vegan candles made of?

After reading this article you may be asking the question what then are vegan candles made of? Well the answer is easy they are made from the stearic acid from the coconut or they use 100% of organic soy wax.

The soy wax is 100% gm free and is derived from the soya bean. This means that the wax is also biodegradable. But if you are buying these candles and thinking you are getting a substandard product then think again as the soya wax is renown for hold the perfume and will provide you with a beautiful aroma from start to finish. Moreover the soya wax is a lot cleaner that the paraffin wax and you will not see the smokey residue on the ceiling above. This means that those toxic carcinogens are no longer in the atmosphere making them far healthy and more suitable for those with breathing difficulties or allergies.

It is even possible to make your own soy candles but I leave that to another post and tell you how to do it.