What is the Buddhist Hospice Trust?
The BHT is a small registered charity established in 1986 to offer information and support to the living, the dying and the bereaved from within a Buddhist perspective. It is a totally voluntary organisation open to Buddhists of any tradition (or none) and to interested non-Buddhists.

What are the aims of the BHT?
To provide on request, where possible, spiritual friendship and compassionate sharing for those who are seriously ill, dying or bereaved. To provide information and other resources on Buddhist spiritual perspectives, cultural attitudes and practices surrounding death and dying, to Buddhists, healthcare professionals and the general public.

To support a nationwide network of volunteers, committed to the Spiritual Foundations of the Buddhist Hospice Trust, and willing to offer spiritual friendship in their own localities (The Ananda Network)

To encourage the practice of creating hospice in the heart – a personal opening to the reality of death, dying and suffering in the midst of life

What are the Spiritual Foundations of the Buddhist Hospice Trust?
The Buddhist Hospice Trust is a voluntary and autonomous association of Buddhists concerned with the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of elderly, seriously ill or dying Buddhists. and to non-Buddhists sympathetic to its aims.

The Buddhist Hospice Trust is guided by the core principles of Buddhadharma as upheld by the major traditions of Buddhism.

The Buddhist Hospice Trust promotes the creation of clusters of like-minded spiritual friends engaged in supportive community. The Trust encourages individuals, acting cooperatively with others, to establish the perfections of giving, patience, kindness, energy, mindfulness and wisdom in daily life.

The Buddhist Hospice Trust does not align itself doctrinally with any particular Buddhist school or tradition, nor do we hold any particular school or tradition superior to another. Individual supporters of the Trust’s work will, it is expected, have made their own decisions in this respect.

The Buddhist Hospice Trust recognizes the dangers of attachment to views and opinions. Carers and cared-for need support in letting go of attachments to mind body and spirit. In caring for others we need to develop and maintain as much clarity of awareness as we can concerning our strengths and weaknesses, seeking help and feedback with integrity and courage.

The Buddhist Hospice Trust acknowledges that we can learn from a variety of religious, philosophical and therapeutic traditions. We also recognise that our collective experience within Buddhism has much to offer to others – both within the hospice movement and more widely. Thus we lay emphasis on education and spiritual support work.

How is the BHT financed?
Entirely from donations. We have no central office, no paid workers and no hierarchical organisation to fund so everything donated will be used at the grassroots level.

Who’s in charge?
The work of the BHT is overseen by a board of Trustees, who meet regularly in an open door forum (governed by the Charity Commission). We are a member of The Network of Buddhist Organisations

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